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Pyramid Automation

Pyramid Automation (PA) has offered innovative technology products and services in Pakistan for the switchgear & power generation industry since 2003. Our business philosophy is to combine advanced engineering with superior products, systems integration capability with a deep understanding of the customer’s needs to create unique solutions. PA continues to expand into new markets, invest in technology, technical talent and state-of-the-art equipment in order to better serve our growing customer base.

Covering following:
1. ATS/ AMF, Generator Load Share & Synch Systems
2. Low Voltage Control & Protection Systems
3. PF Capacitors, Control & Power Relays
4. Surge Protection Systems
5. Energy Management Systems
6. Remote Control & Monitoring Systems – SCADA
7. ATS Switches / Panels
8. Temperature / Pressure & Fuel Level Sensors
9. Precision cooling Systems – CRAC / ICT Cooling
10. Lightening Arrestor – LIVE STREAMER

CEO's Message

Mr. Shafique Ahmad

Founder & CEO

Pyramid Automation was founded in 2003, a well reputed global & local presence entering into 3rd Decade of success.
"Our mission is to enable our customers to attain technological excellence.
Our goal is to build strong partnerships based on trust, reliability & efficiency with focused mindset and finding innovative ways to provide great value for money to fulfill the needs of our valued customers.
Whether you are a potential customer with a challenging project ahead; an existing customer checking up on our latest products, solutions or news; a partner, supplier or future employee looking for the new opportunities, I trust you are at the right place. We have a clear vision of what we want to be – Leaders in power automation products, engineering solutions & services in Pakistan.
I hope you will witness our everlasting efforts to create Innovative solutions bringing success to your company, sustaining your loyalty is our greatest reward.



Our Mission is to improve the efficiency, reliability of LV/HV power generation, control, communication, distribution and automation systems in Pakistan, by providing optimized and cost-effective turn-key solutions.


Pyramid Automation aims to become a leading and trusted Automation Company in Pakistan by forging strong bonds with our customers and fully understanding their needs. We aim to deliver excellent Products and customized and innovative solutions through effective project management, through an unparalleled level of professionalism and dedication.


We sincerely believe that if we can take care of our products and service, the business will take care of itself.

Company history at a glance

We are an engineering company providing products & services for generator control & communication systems, Energy Management and Power Quality Systems, design engineering & turnkey solutions related to power generation, power protection & management systems.

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Deep Sea Electronics-UK

Pyramid Automation received Sole Distribution of Deep Sea Electronics in 2003. DSE has an intelligent range of single-set and multi-set generator control solutions, mains (utility) protection relays, lighting tower control solutions, digital automatic voltage regulators (AVR's), remote communications devices, expansion modules and Intelligent Battery Chargers.

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Pyramid Automation received Distribution of ISKRA in 2008. Iskra is a globally recognized provider of intelligent Industrial solutions and cutting-edge electrotechnical products.

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Distribution Raycap (ISKRA zaščite) 2009

Pyramid Automation received Distribution of Raycap (ISKRA zaščite) in 2009.Raycap develops innovative connectivity, surge protection, and monitoring solutions that support and protect the world’s critical energy, telecommunications, power and transportation infrastructure.

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Fozmula Limited-UK

Pyramid Automation Distribution of Fozmula 2010. Fozmula design and manufacture a wide range of sensors, switches and gauges for the control and monitoring of fuel, oil, water and coolant levels and temperatures for OEM customers worldwide.

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Certification of Duns

Pyramid Automation received the DUNS certification in 2010.

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Pyramid Automation received Distribution of Stego 2012. Stego offers Thermostats, Panel Heaters, Humidity Sensors, Panel Lights, Panel Exhaust Fans & Accessories.

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Pyramid Automation received Distribution of Airsys 2013.

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Pyramid Automation received Distribution of Plastim 2019. Stego offers Thermostats, Filter Fans, Slotted Ducts, Current Transformers, Filters & Accessories.

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Distribution Trumeter 2019

Pyramid Automation received Distribution Trumeter 2019

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