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Warranty Statement

Warranty covers the quality of material and workmanship as mentioned in the specifications and standard AMPS terms. Warranty does not cover any damage due to misuse, mechanical damages or installation and wiring instructions (supplied with the equipment) that are not followed during the commissioning of the equipment.

Warranty conditions


  • Equipment is under warranty period.
  • Warranty seal is not voided or broken.
  • Equipment is not Burnt.
  • Serial number of the equipment is not tempered or removed.
  • Equipment is not broken due to mishandling or dropping.
  • Completed warranty card is attached to the equipment (showing date of purchase and name of the purchaser).


Warranty Claim Procedure


  • Attach warranty card to the equipment mentioning details of faults and submit to our office.
  • Pre-inspection will be carried out to identify the possible causes of the failure by our staff. If there is any manufacturing fault, an immediate replacement will be made FREE OF CHARGE
  • If the damage is not restorable the equipment will be sent to the Principal for investigation & repair purposes against security deposit.
  • Principal’s investigations can take 6 – 8 weeks and are final and according to their findings either we will replace the equipment against repair & forwarding costs or in case the equipment is damage due to CUSTOMER’s FAULT and is beyond repair, we will refund the security deposit after deducting the forwarding costs or repair charges. The damaged equipment will be scrapped as regulations do not allow release of damaged equipment into Pakistan.

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